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RF12CH remote

RF12CH cheap remote firing system

Compatable with WPS tiny module. Uses standard 23A (12V) battery with long battery life. Extendable antenna.

Both 433MHz and 315MHz units available.


5dBi SMA antenna

Replacement antenna for WPS remote firing systems

Compatible with WPS mote, WPS hobby, WPS pro and WPS tiny remote firing systems. Works for both 868MHz and 915MHz WPS units. Can be adjusted in different angles and easily unscrewed. Approximately 20cm.


2dBi SMA antenna

replacement SMA antenna

Compatible with WPS mote, WPS hobby, WPS pro and WPS tiny remote firing systems. Works for both 868MHz and 915MHz WPS units. Approximately 5cm.


Usb-mini cable

USB mini cable for WPS pyrotechnics firing systems

USB-mini cable used for charging and communication/updates for WPSmote. Length of 90cm.


Armored case for WPSmote

professional fireworks firing system enclosure

Hard ABS armored case with specially made inline foam for WPSmote storage. Waterproof and shock proof. Dimensions: 220 x 180 x 150mm. Weight: 1.1kg. Only available in black.


12V 3.4Ah lead-acid battery

12V battery for electronic fireworks system

12V 3.4Ah low profile, completely sealed lead-acid battery. Both WPShobby and WPSpro can house up to two of these batteries in series (24V and 3.4Ah capacity) or parallel (12V and 6.8Ah capacity). Only UK delivery due to shipping restrictions.


Charger for 24V lead-acid

Charger for 24V lead-acid

Smart wall charger for 24V lead-acid battery. 300mA output so will charge two 12V 3.4Ah batteries in series overnight. 230V, cable length of approximately 1.8m. Combined with the alligator clip power cable you can charge your 24V system without taking batteries out of WPS hobby or WPS pro case.


Charger for 12V lead-acid

Charger for consumer fireworks firing system

Small wall charger for 12V lead-acid battery. 500mA output so will charge single 12V 3.4Ah battery overnight. 220-240V, cable length of approximately 1.6m. Combined with the alligator clip power cable you can charge single 12V battery without taking it out of WPShobby or WPSpro case.


Alligator clip power cable

Battery cable for pyro firing systems

Alligator DC power jack for connecting external battery to WPShobby or WPSpro. In combination with lead-acid battery charger can be used to charge single 12V lead-acid without removing the battery from the case. Approximately 30cm long.


Ethernet cable

Ethernet cable for electronic firework

This is a high quality cable for connecting WPSpro with WPSslats. 24 AWG stranded 100% copper, low resistance, high visibility yellow or red RJ45 cable. Comes with two colour endings - red for WPSpro and yellow for WPSslat.

Note: This cable is much more durable and more suited for high currents than the regular CCA 26AWG solid core you can get cheaply from eBay. Cheap cables have almost three times the resistance, will not work over long cable runs and will become brittle over time.


1m Talon igniters

Talon igniters UK seller

Consumer igniters, designed to electrically ignite all consumer fireworks that uses standard visco fuse. Talon igniters do not contain any pyrogen and are safe to store and transport. Works perfectly in combination with our wireless firing system.


1m Electric match igniters

electric igniters (e-match) uk

These electric match igniters (e-matches) are usually used in professional shows, where strict timing is of the essence. These igniters will create a small explosion ("pop") that ignites firework, once a current passes through. Comes pre-stripped and twisted for ESD protection.

Igniter resistance (including wire): 1.2Ω

No fire current: 50mA

All fire current: 500mA

Only UK delivery due to shipping restrictions.



RJ45 splitter 3-way

RJ45 3 way splitter for firing

Allows to split incoming signal from CAT5 cable into two outputs, both outputs act like a parallel connection. Useful for multiple front positions.


Shooting wire

shooting wire uk

Orange copper shooting wire. Wire has 2 cores with 0,5mm2 each. Useful for extending e-match connections. Comes in sets of 25m.