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by     Nov 12, 2015    

At first was very sceptical and wasn't sure what to expect. Price for the pro bundle was too appealing, so I went with it. Fired around 70 cues manually with it without any glitch on 5th.

However, I have to say that the table of how many e-matches you can fire is a bit off. With the 20m cable provided from the bundle I can only fire 5 e-matches in parallel on 12V. It could be that my igniters are different and I had an extra 22awg cable to the e-matches. It is my first proper firing system so I can't compare with others.

P.S. Ivars is also pretty nice guy, quickly responded to all of my questions.   


by     Nov 15, 2015    

Ordered wps hobby deal to Netherlands. Arrived in one week. I got an invite from a friend, so it was 10% cheaper. 

Nice and durable system. I like how straight forward it is to use. It is pretty hard to close the lid due to that sealing rubber which should wear in at some point.



by     Nov 22, 2015    

Absolutely love the design of WPS slat. I can now secure it to a fountain board and carry the board around, once in place - connect to module. Surprisingly convinient. 


by     Mar 24, 2016    

From Dodgey @ UKFR

"I wanted to buy and test a system based on the main priority - simple, will run a Finale script, and simple.... oh, did I mention simple? I dont' want people calling me on Nov 5th at 7pm saying they can't insitialise/arm a module / are stuck on a screen / can't find the right batteries / it's refusing to start. etc etc :) I also want there to be little to damage!."

"I know, I know you can get far more complicated systems for not much more money, but not this simple, and has a budget busting 144 cues. I can put the module in the middle, then run cables forward to the three fronts, then back to the racks, and use longer cables (30m) if I want to push my racks back again (or bring the fronts forward). As I've already got Pyrosure cables are not an issue. And as the slats are only 12 it means they end up where they need to be, not where the "have" to be.

If there are no surpises I'll buy more of these, as will a friend in the business to replace his P45s."

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by     Apr 23, 2016    

From bandit @ UKFR

"The WPS pro comes with all the kit you require, remote, receiver, cable, slats, and charger all for less than a grand. I had a play with the system and to be honest it was so easy to set up and program, even for me !"

"Now we had a small display to do for the Queens birthday, nothing to big as it was just for a small village get together, so out came the WPS. Set-up was even a pleasure with the way you can put the slats where you want them, and not using 5meter igniter wires everywhere, also with the test function from the remote takes out the guess work testing each cue. we were firing the display in step mode as i did not know some of the timings of the cat 3 cakes."

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by     Jun 21, 2016    

From Alex collins @ UKFR

" I brought a wireless Pryo solutions system a few months back and I really cannot complain it took a while to get my head around the software but got there in the end there's still a lot of learning to be done as you will see in the video but other than my lack of experience I can't complain"

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by     Jul 29, 2016    

From Kyne @ pyrofan

"Reasons I think this system is a really great alternative to the others out there. You don't need to add an expensive mod for every 18 or 48 cues, one decently priced mod will do 144 cues, for me that was a barge this year. If I had 3 barges I could run just 3 mods. Next year I am hoping to get a show that has 3 small barges as a front and large shells behind. I can use either the 24 cue system or his new 12 cue for each of the spots and not have any cues or systems wasted. The versatility of that is worth getting the system alone. I was looking at getting 8 or so cobras for the barge this year and that would have been 2400 for mods alone. "

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by     Oct 09, 2016    

From triple burst @ UKFR

"Got mine delivered Friday tested it last night fantastic piece of kit very easy to use. Would recommend this to anyone thanks wps for your prompt service and help and bandit for recormmending it. Spot on"

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by     Nov 07, 2016    

Madfish @ UKFR

"I have had a 12 cue pro from Wireless fireworks, a couple of Rhinofires from Easypyro and a Cobra system from Easy pyro/ Pyrowinkle - all have found new owners through UKFR. This year I changed to the WPS Pro system which is fantastic value for it's capabilities.
I fired 82 cues scripted for my display - including a 30 shot sweep with sky blasts 1/10 sec apart and got to enjoy watching great pyro from a good viewpoint ".

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by     Nov 08, 2016    

Badger_B @ UKFR

"I've used simple firing systems for a number of years but this year I upgraded to a @Wireless Pyro Solutions Hobby any tiny system with mote and my goodness this adds a hiuge dimension to this hobby. I used the free pyroignitioncontrol software to fire precisely to the beat of the music with 100% ignition from e-match and talons for non time critical stuff.

This really has added a new dimension to this hobby and would recomment to anyone."


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by     Sep 05, 2016    

BritRich @ UKFR

"I am putting this out there for the amateur ‘Consumer’ firers who are looking to move into wireless firing. I’ve been doing consumer displays for the best part of 30 years now and have been looking at the options for a more comprehensive, cost effective (and safer!) wireless solution for about a year.

Main reasons for going with @Wireless Pyro Solutions ; Flexibility (to expand), Cost, British made, Support."

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by     Mar 08, 2017    

cooperman435 @ UKFR

"We needed a better method of indoor and stage effect firing so Ive splashed out on a sizeable investment with 12 WPStinys and a WPSmote along with some ancillaries.

Its going to take me a little while to get my head round the firing procedures and menus (or out of just FBW mode anyway) but it looks good and Ivars has been fantastic in his help with my slightly away from the norm intention of using them."

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by     May 09, 2017    

meckmen @ pyrofan

"I heard of WPS though this forum so I'll give them a shout out for putting out a quality product. I tossed around the idea of going with a Cobra or fireTek, but for my needs of 80+ cues it was going to run about $2400 for a Cobra with Music box, and alittle less with the fireTek. The WPS pro bundle was 1/2 that and works flawlessly with their software. Glad to see a quality and affordable product for us backyard enthusiasts. If you are thinking about a new system, you may want give them a look".

"BTW, I highly recoment the WPS system. Other than not having a true stimulation software (which I could purchase backyard simulator) the system has proven to be great, inexpensive (comparatively), and easy use. Can't ask for much more."

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by     Oct 22, 2017    

adam_ores @ UKFR

"Wps mote and the software really easy to use.

Just add your firework duration in the software any delay and when you want it to go off.

Then just hook up your wpsmote to Pc upload the script then your ready to go.

Never used anything like this before and found it really easy.

You can check all the continuity of the wpshobby on the wpsmote.

Might even try it with music next time."

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