All-around versatile module.

  • Total of 12 cues (1 bank).

  • Designed to ensure remote firework ignition for small indoor/outdoor shows. Particularly useful as a supplement to current WPS system or someone just starting out.

  • WPS wireless firework firing system allows any combination of WPS pro / WPS hobby or WPS tiny modules.

  • You can fire several modules or specific banks instantaneously as long as they are on the same channel. How WPS Channels and Banks work

  • Bi-directional, so will notify WPSmote in case of low battery or low signal strength.

  • 868/915MHz radio module complies with both ETSI and FCC regulations (range 150m+ with provided 2dBi antenna, 300m+ with 5dBi antenna).
    Additionally supports communication with 315/433MHz RF12CH remote (50m+ using antenna internally or 150m+ using antenna externally, see this article for more details)
    Please note, that if you are using this unit with RF12CH remote, it is armed (live) as soon as you turn it on. However, if you use it with WPS mote, unit is only armed when WPS mote is armed!

  • Two changeable internal 9V PP3 batteries. First battery dedicated for digital logic, second - for firing igniters. Up to 16h idle using Alkaline PP3.

  • Adjustable pulse width with 0.1s intervals depending on electric igniter used (via WPS mote).
    For instance, commercial e-matches will fire with 0.1s pulse, however, talon igniters might take as long as 2 seconds to fire.

  • Intelligent self-test will check that all firing mosfets turn on and off at correct time intervals before every boot-up.

  • Tiny profile, hard plastic case. Conformally coated PCB.

  • Free future wireless updates using WPSmote