• WPSpro professional fireworks
  • WPSpro firework ignition system
  • WPSpro professional firework ignition system

WPSpro is a 144 cue wireless firework ignition system designed to be used for both indoor and outdoor environments. Most suitable for medium/large professional fireworks shows. It comes with a rigid armoured case that houses rechargeable 14.8V 4S 3000mAh LiPo battery, DC power jack connector for external 12-24V power supply or charging.[Read more]




Perfect for professionals, practical for hobbyists.

  • Total of 144 cues (12 banks) using 12 WPS slats.

  • Designed to be used on medium/large professional fireworks shows. Usually all of the mortars and effects are close together so instead of using lots of individual receivers you can fire your whole show from a single WPS pro module for unbeatable price per cue.

  • WPS slats can be connected with regular RJ45 24AWG cable, no need for expensive DB25 cables.
    Will easily check continuity and fire individual cues 50m+ apart using internal 14.8V LiPo battery.

  • WPS firework ignition system allows any combination of WPS pro or WPS hobby / WPS tiny modules.
    You can fire several modules or specific banks instantaneously as far as they are on the same channel. How WPS Channels and Banks work

  • Supports local script firing via delay or GPS time [in beta], external trigger step firing. Upload your script via WPS mote and deliver whole show from within the module itself.

  • Multiple banks can be linked together to be fired simultaneously.

  • Bi-directional, so will notify WPS mote in case of low battery or low signal strength.

  • 868/915MHz radio module complies with both ETSI and FCC regulations. 2-wire communication via XLR breakout connector [in beta].

  • GPS assisted timings [in beta].

  • DC power connector for external 12-24V supply (non battery option) or charging (LiPo battery option).

  • Several shows on single 14.8V 4S 3000mAh LiPo battery, 40+ hours idle, 10+ hours active.

  • Simulator feature allows you to test your script by simulating the continuity in all cues.

  • Resistive continuity check. Active current limiting/short circuit protection for each cue.

  • Adjustable pulse width with 0.1s intervals depending on electric igniter used.
    For instance, commercial e-matches will fire with 0.1s pulse, however, talon igniters might take as long as 2 seconds to fire.

  • Adjustable LCD brightness.

  • Intelligent self-test will check that all firing mosfets turns on and off at correct time intervals before every boot-up.

  • Built into armored ABS case (220 x 180 x 150mm / 8.6x7x6"). Lid can be fully closed, due to the custom cutouts on the sides for wires

  • Dust and moisture resistant design. Conformally coated PCB.

  • Removable antenna that can be easily stored inside the case.

  • Free future wireless updates using WPS mote (no extra hardware necessary).