Published: Mar 25

How WPS update manager works

Updating WPS firmware is very straight forward and safe. With just few clicks you can update your whole firing system.

1) Download update from Update page (you have to be logged in to access files).

2) Unzip the downloaded file and open WPSupdate manager.exe. (if you haven't installed drivers, run CDM21218_Setup.exe in "drivers" folder first).

3) Enter WPSmote into PC Control mode.

4) Select COM port (usually the last one)

5) Click on Connect

6) If your WPSmote have older version - update it first by clicking Update WPSmote, if not - skip this step.

7) Enter all receiver modules you want to update in Wireless update mode (Settings->Advanced->Wireless update). Skip this step for WPS tiny.

8) Click on Scan Modules. Each modules channel, ID and version should be displayed.

9) Check the ones you want to update and click Update. (Update will take around 4 minutes for each receiver)

10) Confirm both WPSmote and WPShobby / WPSpro versions by navigating to About. Scan modules again to confirm version for WPS tiny.


NOTE: if update fail, prease restart module and try again. If problem persists, make sure your antivirus is not blocking the application.