Published: Aug 25

Using WPSmote with PyroIgnitionControl

  1. Download the latest version of PyroIgnitionControl.
  2. Extract the .zip folder.
  3. Open PyroIgnitionControl.exe, click Run.
  4. Turn on WPSmote and navigate to PC Control, connect WPSmote to computer using USB cable.
  5. Wait for Windows to download necessary drivers and assign the COM port number (only neccessary when connecting for the first time)
  6. Inside PyroIgnitionControl go to Settings -> Options -> Ignition system and select the ComPort. If you are not sure which comport is for WPSmote go to Start -> right click on Computer -> Properties, then Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT). To find out which COM port represents WPSmote, try reconnecting the USB cable and see which of the ports dissapear and appear again.
  7. Close the Settings window.
  8. Settings -> Connect to connect to the WPSmote. You should now see a confirmation messages both on WPSmote screen ("Connected!") and on the bottom bar of the PyroIgnitionControl("Connected to ignition system").
  9. To check the signal strength and continuity, go to Window -> Ignitionsystem or press F7, then press on Search modules.
  10. Click on Search to scan for all modules on all channels.
  11. Click on the Channel you want to check continuity for and a table of all cues on that channel is displayed. (Green - ok contiunity, Red - no continuity, Yellow - partial continuity) * WPS tiny test not supported at this point.
  12. In case of partial continuity, check individual cue continuity by double clicking on any of the cells.
  13. You can refresh the test any time by pressing Search again.

Please note that to arm the software, key switch on WPSmote must be in "Fire" position.