Published: Mar 20

WPS firmware update 2.0

Happily announcing Wireless Pyro Solutions' firmware update 2.0.

Added features:

- Resistive continuity check with adjustable sensitivity level on both WPShobby and WPSpro. No false positives in wet conditions.

- Full script-fire support. Script can now be uploaded onto WPSmote and fired without the need of computer.

- Fully automatic and Semi-automatic script firing for your convenience.

- Script match checker will notify if any cue is missing from the desired script on both WPSmote and WPShobby/WPSpro.

- Improved firing accuracy up to 1ms (1/1000th second) when firing fully automatic from script.

- Local firing - allow to start script from the receiver itself, by either - delay or external trigger.

- Local firing using external trigger - use external trigger pulse to step fire through all cues using just receiver module.

- Minor bug fixes.

More information available in user guide.