Published: Mar 24

Using WPSuploader

This small program allows to upload your script to the WPSmote very quickly and easily.

You can either create your own .csv file in Excel or export directly from Finale Fireworks software (Export Generic CSV). You can also add/delete rows within the software itself.

Published: Mar 20

WPS firmware update 2.0

Happily announcing Wireless Pyro Solutions' firmware update 2.0.

Added features:

- Resistive continuity check with adjustable sensitivity level on both WPShobby and WPSpro. No false positives in wet conditions.

- Full script-fire support. Script can now be uploaded onto WPSmote and fired without the need of computer.

- Fully automatic and Semi-automatic script firing for your convenience.

- Script match checker will notify if any cue is missing from the desired script on both WPSmote and WPShobby/WPSpro.

Published: Aug 25

Using WPSmote with PyroIgnitionControl

  1. Download the latest version of PyroIgnitionControl.
  2. Extract the .zip folder.
  3. Open PyroIgnitionControl.exe, click Run.
  4. Turn on WPSmote and navigate to PC Control, connect WPSmote to computer using USB cable.
  5. Wait for Windows to download necessary drivers and assign the COM port number (only neccessary when connecting for the first time)

Published: Jun 23

How WPS Channels and banks work

Bank – every 12 cues are grouped together and represent one “Bank”. Each Bank is identified by a capital letter A-L. WPS hobby has 2 Banks, WPS pro has 12 Banks, WPS tiny has 1 Bank.